Organic, Regenerative, Environmentally Sound

We are committed to helping hemp farmers, growers get the most out of their crops by repairing and energizing their soil, while promoting and sustaining microbiota within the soil environment. This holistic approach allows all growers -organic, transitional, and conventional- to achieve higher yields and better quality while reducing overall fertilizer and pesticide costs.

Our tested protocol has proven highly effective over the last three years.  We have utilized our system on dozens of farms and in greenhouse across the country.  We have succeeded in greatly improving germination rate and time, and have improved plant health, yield and quality across all growing conditions.

In addition to our proven Hemp Protocols, Hill Country Organics is:

  • Bringing Professionalism, Structure, advanced mgmt strategies, cutting edge practices, inputs and agtech to emerging Hemp producers
  • Enabling growers by providing Business Development and Marketing acumen.  
  • Consulting on post-harvest processing, sales and end-product marketing