New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
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Redefining organic compounds and what they can do.

Unlike ordinary products, REV is a superior, naturally-occurring, organic carbon. It is the only crop product with the perfect natural profile to help dramatically improve plant and soil health. University and in-field tests have shown that REV can increase root mass, dramatically improve seed germination, produce sturdier plants, and increase stress tolerance.

REV Benefits:

  • Naturally-occurring microbes
  • High carbon content
  • pH buffer
  • Help improve nutrient uptake

The only thing farmers can count on is variability. It was another unique year in 2018 with heavy moisture early and late resulting in a delayed harvest for many. Yield results look good, and in some cases great! Our repeat REV users are still noticing new benefits this year, particularly in Soybeans. A 3rd year farm uses REV as a replacement for their old starter program on Soybeans. This year, they were ready to harvest weeks sooner than expected! The boost REV provided early resulted in a crop that was mature and ready much sooner than surrounding fields. That meant NO LINES at the co-op of course. REV builds the soil year after year, and this is a testament to that!