What We Do

End to End Services for Cannabis Producers

Hill Country Organics is a team of growers, researchers,and business executives bound together by a desire to move the emerging cannabis industry forward in a positive and profitable way. We combine emerging sciences and regenerative agriculture with business and marketing acumen to offer growers everything they need to be successful.

We are a crop management and consulting firm laser focused on:

Partner Profitability - reducing inputs and increasing yield

Improving both yield volume and quality. Increasing plant health and vitality

Reducing input costs - fertility and chemical interventions

Reducing Risk - Protecting against environmental stress. Decreasing mortality. Identifying ancillary revenue streams.

Integrating unique organic soil amendments 

Our Services Include:

Genetics Consulting and Procurement

Soil / Plant Tissue / Living Soil Testing and Interpretation

  • Traditional Test Methods
  • Regenerative Agriculture Test Methods
  • Cannabis testing

Crop Planning

Cover Crops

Soil Bio-remediation

Pre and Post-season soil amendments

  • Living Soil Compost Consulting
  • Long term benefit and cost-effective organic soil amendments
  • Strategies to build soil rather than mitigate erosion

Integrated Pest Management

  • Planting for pollinators
  • Reduction or elimination of indiscriminate pesticides
  • Biocontrols; microbes and predatory organisms to target crop pests
  • Pest management achieved by overall soil and plant health and immunity from reduction in fertilizer and chemical toxicity

Precision Ag tools and services

  • Grid mapped soil testing
  • Greenseeker technology & NDVI - ground+aerial based service models