New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
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Lawn and Garden

REV Lawn & Garden

Utilize REV to help give your plants the best possible growing results.

REV is an entirely organic concentrate that may increase plant blooming and fruiting, root masses, and nutrient uptake, as well as fertilizer and chemical effectiveness, for improved benefits such as color vibrancy, soil biology, and water retention.

This natural formula helps you move toward a more organic experience by using less fertilizer and other inputs, while aiding in improved growth in all plants from flowers, fruits, and vegetables to trees and lawns – ultimately resulting in healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants that thrive.

Increase bloom and fruiting

Improved flower color vibrance

Increased rootmass and nutrient uptake

Improved soil biology

Increase fertilizer and chemical effectiveness

Improved water retention

Get the strongest, healthiest plants possible by using REV in your growing program.

REV will give your garden what it's missing and REV up the health of your soil! Other products like barks, teas, and compost just don't have the life that it takes to feed your plants! Many of these actually take nutrients away from your plants and lock it up in the soil making it unusable to your plants! REV will INSTANTLY not only be available and USEABLE, but it will break down unusable debris in the soil and make it usable as well! REV speeds up decomposition of organic debris and aids in the relationship between water, soil, nutrients and root!