New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
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Organic Agriculture

Dakota REV is a natural product containing 50% solid organic carbon and 50% liquid humic compounds. This unique compound provides a fast, simple, affordable solution to common soil problems such compaction, poor soil structure, nutrient unavailability, and germination.

REV’s complex natural organic compound structure and formulation make it effective in almost any growing situation. This all-natural, organic growth stimulant is a great additive for any horticulture, turf, or agricultural application in which you wish to help promote improved growth, strength, and overall health. DAKOTA REV – grow stronger, naturally.


DAKOTA’s story began thousands of years ago in what are now known as peat fields left behind from glacial Lake Agassiz after the end of the last Ice Age.

The conditions necessary to create the best organics anywhere took thousands of years. The amazing qualities of DAKOTA materials aren’t a result of human engineering, just DAKOTA’s great fortune of having the best organic material in North America.

100% natural with neutral pH of 6-7

  • Exceptionally high microbial content
  • Increases fertilizer and chemical efficiency
  • Stimulates seed germination
  • Improves nutrient uptake and rootmass
  • Reduces incidence of pathogenic diseases
  • Growth enhancer