New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
New Product! Get Ready for AMP Organic!
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Traditional Row Crops

We are committed to helping farmers get the most out of their crops by repairing and energizing their soil, while promoting and sustaining microbiota within the soil environment. This holistic approach allows all growers -organic, transitional, and conventional- to achieve higher yields and better quality while reducing overall fertilizer and pesticide costs. Our products are American-made with quality ingredients from sustainable sources, and have earned the rigorous OMRI standard for our full line of organic nutrients, growth stimulants and organic pest control.. Soils balanced with a tremendous diversity of microbial life (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and archaea) provide the best conditions for plant growth, vitality, and resistance to pathogens. Our products recharge tired, toxic, and worn-out soils, leading to better nutrient uptake while reducing overall chemical use, waste, and cost. We are excited to bring this technology to every grower, no matter the size, crop, or approach on the conventional-to-organic spectrum. 

Row Crop Testing

Application protocols